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With the gradual development of the automobile industry and economic growth, the automotive market demand is constantly updated, in the market competition mechanism under the regulation, the car marketing model will also be updated. At present, China's auto industry's marketing channel models includes: franchise stores, general dealers, auto parks and auto show.

01 Franchise store marketing channel model

This model is strongly committed to the implementation of a marketing model, because the store is generally a single brand marketing 4S shop, namely: vehicle sales, after-sales service, parts supply and information feedback. For this franchise 4S shop, the manufacturer in addition to consider sales, but also hope to establish the image of the brand in order to reap more long-term interests.

02 The general dealer marketing channel model

Ordinary dealers are generally a variety of brand car sales, the price is cheap and the sales volume is large, but this will force manufacturers to provide more favorable price supply. And other marketing model of the dealer because of the price advantage of ordinary dealers in the sales have been a great blow. As sales continue to decline, it will lead to other models of dealers out of the local market, but this situation will lead to ordinary dealers in the manufacturers get more inexpensive cars.

03 car park marketing channel model

Car park is the most attractive to the automotive consumer groups, because the car park is full of functions, in the car sales, maintenance, accessories, etc., the car park can display car culture, technology, communication, tourism and entertainment functions, the function of the car Park basically all have, for customers to buy a car is very convenient.

04 Automotive marketing channels of the network

This new marketing channel model is gradually changing the way of car sales, the marketing of the car will have a great impact: First, the car network marketing to change the car sales model, as long as the car manufacturers to enter the site, users can easily understand the brand 4S shop sales network, for inquiries, online orders and other activities; Second, the network marketing can provide users with convenient. As long as the click on the hands of the mouse, you can in the Internet to choose and direct order, and computer will immediately show the customer selected models, color and car three-dimensional model, to provide users with direct feelings.

Kazakhstan Consulate General in Shanghai Visit Domy Plant

Kazakhstan Consulate General in Shanghai in China visit Domy plant in Aug 10th, 2017.

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