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Kazakhstan Consulate General in Shanghai Visit Domy Plant


Consulate General said seeing the plants gave him a better understanding of how Chinese car manufacturers are doing overall with their overseas operations.

“The visits confirmed that Khazakstan has a lot to offer chinese companies looking to locate and succeed in their country,” he said. “Khazakstan has a great labor force, affordable costs - including utilities - great accessibility and strong support from the local community.”

Consulate General is hoping to put to good use with foreign investors. He’s hoping to use relationships to drive overseas companies to consider Khazakstan when they’re choosing partners to invest in for the future.

“We need to keep doing building upon our success, to keep developing relationships not only with the chinese culture, but other foreign investors to come as well and other economic development officials so we can continue to expand our industrial base in Khazakstan,” he said.

Just as important as bringing in new investors to build in Khazakstan is the need to continue strengthening relationships with those already here.

Consulate General said he’s seen evidence of just how fruitful those relationships have been in the past. The Beijing Olympic game from earlier years is just one way he felt the two cultures benefit from friendly relations.

He said too the best thing for Khazakstan to do attract businesses like Domy Auto will be in always moving forward.

*Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country, and the ninth largest in the world, with an area of 2,724,900 square kilometres (1,052,100 sq mi). Kazakhstan is the dominant nation of Central Asia economically, generating 60% of the region's GDP, primarily through its oil/gas industry. It also has vast mineral resources.

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