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Before September 22nd, Domy X7 buyer will enjoy lifelong free maintenance policy Once launched!

The Bang Bang policy!

First of all, please allow me to feel proud, said the Domy advocator, this policy is very amazing, for the majority of consumers, customer service maintenance is a very important thing, and all the Domy X7 launched a free lifetime based maintenance is in line with the vast number of consumers in mind, for Domy X7 owners, there will be no worry of service maintenance parts.

What are the conditions for this policy?

A: free after-sales basic maintenance, is not to buy boutique in the shop?

Will Domy X5 enjoy this policy?

Although Domy X5 will not be able to enjoy free basic maintenance policy, however, if the Domy X5 owners in April 30th, successfully registered members can recommend a friend to get 1000 owner points. If your friend and then awesome a little success to buy Domy X5 or X7, you can enjoy two free maintenance chance!

Well, after listening to our explanation, can't wait to buy one? So what are you waiting for?

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